In the last few years, “CSS preprocessors” has become a popular buzzword in the field of web design, and for good reason. Before we go over the number of benefits by switching over from plain CSS to a CSS preprocessor such as SASS, let’s go over the common issues we deal with in conventional CSS.

1. No encapsulation…

In CSS programming, you’re working in a world of globals. It’s difficult to protect yourself from styling unintended things and keep things scoped as we intended. …

What is Big-O?

It’s the longest amount of time any function is going to take given the worst-case scenario of the input.

If you’re hoping to land your first role as a Software Engineer, you’d probably already know it’s important to have some understanding of Big-O before you get called in for a technical assessment. Here is a quick cheat sheet/review to help you prep.

git revert vs. git reset

Whether you’re working solo or with a team, you will run into bad commits occasionally on your Git project which you’ll need to undo. After messing up several times on my personal projects from using the wrong StackOverflow solution to save my work (in mid panic attack), I realized how important it is to differentiate between git revert and git reset and know when to use which. For major projects, it’s key to know how to properly salvage your work so it can be free of issues in the long term rather than looking for a quick & dirty fix…

Which JavaScript framework is the best? Which one should I learn first, second…etc? These are some common questions before learning your first framework. The question really should “How do I choose a JavaScript framework that fits me and feels the best?”

Arguably, the most popular frameworks being used today are React, Vue, and Angular. On a Stack Overflow survey, the most popular frameworks include Angular and React, but no Vue. It’s all a matter of perspective, how you ask questions, where they come from and who’s answering those questions. So how should we really go about evaluating these?

One way…

Understanding ‘this’ keyword in JavaScript

“The object that is executing the current function.”

The ‘this’ keyword is a tricky concept to grasp in JavaScript. By definition it refers to the object it belongs to depending on where it is which makes it easier to understand through examples.

When ‘this’ is a global object

  • Without context, the below console.log function would return the global object which is Window object when accessing in a browser

Intro to the concept and usage of callback functions in JavaScript

What is a callback function?

A callback function is essentially a function passed as an argument to another function. The function that accepts other functions is called a higher-order function — containing the logic for when the callback function gets executed. The callback is a function that is invoked or called after something else happens. Whether it runs or not depends entirely on something else happening and not simply from running the program.

Why should I use a callback?

JavaScript is an event-driven language which means instead of executing…

As a new programming student learning Ruby, I was constantly getting stumped when manipulating string values until a fellow classmate of mine at Flatiron School suggested I use RegEx — short for Regular Expressions — to solve the problems. Through Google searching, I quickly fell into a rabbit hole and discovered how complex the world of RegEx was. I was absolutely baffled by this cryptic use of syntax! A language inside of another programming language?

What is RegEx?

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